Experience Utah like never before.

Christopher Amundson, Editor

Utah is a state that inspires us. From the red rocks in the colorful Colorado Plateau to the mountain-hugging cities along the striking Wasatch Front, Utah boasts the most geologically diverse landscape in the United States. But any true Utahn knows that the state's diversity isn't only in its rocks. Vibrant characters, charming family businesses, eclectic foods, breathtaking outdoor adventures and rich histories blend together, making the Beehive State uniquely Utah. 

Debuting in March 2018, Utah Life Magazine will explore all of this – and more. Our writers and photographers travel highways and backways in pursuit of stories and photos of the nature, wildlife, history, tourist attractions, events and local flavors that make Utah a one-of-a-kind place to live and visit. We aren't the usual travel magazine; we strive to capture the essence of Utah not only for tourists but also for those who live there. Studies show that most people average their daily travels within a six-mile radius. Six miles! That's it. Utah Life invites Utahns to explore their own stomping grounds and discover hidden gems that they never before knew. 

At Utah Life, we seek out the writers, artists, photographers, musicians and even poets whose work interprets life in Utah. Like its early pioneer days, today's Utah is a magnet for creative people, and you'll find many of them within our covers. Our goal at Utah Life is to entertain you with interesting stories and beautiful photos. We also aim to help you connect with and understand this place – Utah.

Utah Life is the third magazine of its kind created by Flagship Publishing; its siblings are Nebraska Life and Colorado Life. Nebraska Life circulates 44,000 copies with every issue, and Colorado Life is close behind at 30,000. Utah Life has great potential to join their ranks. We are always on the look out for new story ideas, contributing writers and photographers, remarkable businesses and organizations to highlight in our story-telling advertisements, and – of course – dedicated readers. To make Utah Life possible, we need your help. Whether you're a potential subscriber or advertiser, we are excited to start a conversation with you. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch today.

Whether you're a longtime resident, newcomer or distant admirer – if you love Utah, then this magazine is meant for you. Thank you for joining on this ongoing adventure all about our inspiring state.