Our History

Born in Nebraska in 1997 with the publication of the premiere issue of Nebraska Life Magazine, Flagship Publishing expanded west and established Colorado Life Magazine in May of 2012. In 2018, we hope to launch our newest publication: Utah Life Magazine, which is available for pre-order subscriptions today. With offices in Norfolk, Nebraska, and Estes Park, Colorado, we scour our respective states to find the entertaining stories and brilliant photography that bring joy to the lives of our loyal readers. Our creativity extends to special editions and books, and a variety of travel guides with the same mission as our magazine brands, to promote our states.

Our Mission Statement

Flagship Publishing is a family-owned publishing company that offers high-quality, place-centric editorial content and products to consumers. Through creativity, collaboration and consistent effort, our employees create and deliver content and products that delight, inspire and entertain our customers while connecting them to place. Our goal is to be a profitable and family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth and continued advancement in pay, performance and responsibilities.

Our Audience

... is diverse. Our subscribers include native born residents, those who adopted our states decades ago, and new neighbors, too. And there are those who grew up here, moved away, and subscribe to stay in touch with “home.” Travelers enamored with our states who hope to return, subscribe to keep that dream alive. Our audience also is made up of the tireless business owners who invest to bolster our communities and strengthen our states.  

What We Do

Conceptualize: Whether you come with the seed of an idea or a detailed vision, our creative minds are ready to help you realize your dream.

Design: From eye-catching layouts to appealing visuals – let our talented team custom design your publication from start to finish.

Develop: Moving from the screen to paper, we'll take your custom designed project to print and turn it into a sleek and gorgeous professional publication.

Launch: Your beautiful new publication is ready for its debut! Our team will help you launch and market your product, ensuring it reaches the largest audience possible.

Nebraska Life Magazine

Nebraska Life is the magazine that captures life in Nebraska. Our writers and photographers travel the state in search of the untold stories of the nature, history, businesses, events, communities and people that we share the state with. Our readers tell us often that they use Nebraska Life as their guide in traveling the state. In six colorful and entertaining issues per year, we bring Nebraska to Nebraskans no matter where they live. We hope to tun into you while out on the road or when next visiting you community. 

Click HERE to learn more about Nebraska Life Magazine.

Colorado Life Magazine

Stunning photography. Compelling stories. Colorado's most fascinating people and places come alive in the pages of Colorado Life Magazine. Each issue is a voyage of discovery, a virtual tour of the state you can take from the comfort of your favorite armchair. People who have lived in Colorado all their lives discover off-the-beaten-path locales they never imagined existed, while newcomers and long-distance fans of the state absorb Colorado's rich history and get ideas on the next places to explore.

Click HERE to learn more about Colorado Life.

Journey to Western Nebraska 

Journey to Western Nebraska is the popular travel guide exploring 19 counties in Western Nebraska. This longtime, high quality publication is published for the Western Tourism Coalition by Flagship Publishing. The same quality of writing and photography readers have come to expect from Nebraska Life and Colorado Life Magazine make the Journey publication a treasured keepsake. The Journey to Western Nebraska companion website offers travelers a digital connection to the featured region from anywhere in the world. A print run of 50,000 copies are offered through free distribution at travel centers and from visitors committees and regional chambers of commerce. Vibrant photography throughout encourages visitors to come along for the journey.

Escape to Calamus and Scenic Loup River Valley Nebraska

Escape to Calamus and Scenic Loup River Valley Nebraska is a biannual travel guide produced by Flagship Publishing for the Loup River Valley Tourism Coalition with a focus on recreational opportunities in the Burwell and Ord, Nebraska, area.

Explore Valentine

Explore Valentine is produced by Flagship Publishing for the Cherry County Visitor Promotion Board. Focusing on recreational opportunities in Valentine, Nebraska, and all of Cherry County, with a strong focus on the Niobrara River, the same high quality of writing and photography readers have grown accustomed to in Nebraska Life and Colorado Life Magazines graces each page of this annual travel guide. Free distribution is through the local chamber of commerce or through www.VisitValentine.org.

Nebraska Traveler

Never before has such a comprehensive and complete guide to Nebraska's attractions, lodging locations, tourist businesses and events been assembled in one beautiful, helpful and easy-t0-navigate travel publication. Along with Nebraska Traveler, we have developed NebraskaTravelerGuide.com to help travelers search, organize and plan their travels in Nebraska. Like the print edition of Nebraska Traveler, NebraskaTravelerGuide.com is full of useful directories, travel tips, beautiful photography and helpful information about things to do in Nebraska, where to eat in Nebraska and things to do in Nebraska.