Advertising as part of the story

In our magazine, advertising has an important place – it's part of the story. Not through gimmicky advertising, but through well-designed ads that entertain, inspire and motivate. For our readers, the advertising message is an important part of the story of Utah. We focus our attention on approaching and selling advertising to businesses and organizations with a strong Utah presence. Utah Life readers will link your advertisement with their positive feelings for Utah. Subscribe to our magazine to get a feel for how we tell stories through advertising.

But isn’t print dead?

Not even close. Advertising in print, especially in magazines, is proven to be the most effective way to not only raise awareness but also purchase intent. Consumers see digital marketing as obtrusive because they don't purposefully invite it into their homes, but magazine fans see ads as part of the reading experience and enjoy browsing them.

Also, over 100 studies of neuroscience research proves that our brains are wired to understand information better in print than digitally. When we read print, we are more relaxed and we read slower and with more concentration – that’s good news for Utah Life advertisers!

With an overwhelming amount of information online, it’s easy for potential clients to ask which brands are real and which ones are scams. This waning consumer trust is not present in print advertising. “Advertising campaigns which include print magazines amongst their mix of media channels have a 22% increase in brand trust,” says Zoe Samios, a Mumbrella writer featured in an article by Freeport Press

For those who still want a foot in the digital door, combining print advertising with other channels is the best way to build consumer relationships and drive up purchase intent. According to Magazine Networks, adding magazine advertising to other forms of marketing has a powerful multiplier effect:

22% increase in brand trust
55% increase in brand favorability
29% increase in purchase intent

Fill out the media kit request form below or get in touch with one of our Advertising Sales Representatives today to see how we can personalize your advertising approach to be the most effective it can be.

Our advertising philosophy

At Utah Life Magazine, both large and small advertisers play an important role in our message to the readers. We strive to keep our ad rates low so that the small businesses have a voice, and so that all businesses find value in our service.

To mix large and small ads as we do, we've found that ad design must be clean and simple. Clutter is not acceptable. Neither are boring ads. The message must be entertaining. And the photos and graphics must be high quality. Our advertising staff can provide assistance at no charge for ad conceptualization, ad copy and graphic design.

Have a question? Get in touch with our advertising team:

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Custom advertising plan

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