Once the three high-flying Engen brothers from Norway set their sights on Utah, the sport of skiing would never be the same. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

Kodachrome Basin State Park is so colorful, the landscape so rich, that even National Geographic was impressed. Story and photos by Dan Leeth.

Red Butte Garden may be an awesome summer concert venue, but, for an altogether different experience, check out its flower parade. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

Irv and Wilma Maddox started out with a log cabin restaurant on skids, towed to a remote spot between Ogden and Brigham City. Seventy years later, Maddox Ranch House is still family-owned, and still rolling along. Story by Vanessa Zimmer. Photographs by Brian Nicholson and Scott Baxter.


Photo contest: Yes, there are more beautiful Utah arches than the ones at McDonald’s. No matter how hungry you are.

The Gila monster may be Utah’s state reptile, but it’s not showing up for any coronation ceremony.

Writer Nicole Anderson tackles the mystery of Moqui marbles, those brown-black, iron-rich spheres scattered about Southern Utah.

Utah Lake poses the legend of the fearsome Water Babies.

Was Levan named after one of Brigham Young’s wives? Or a body part?

Homer McCarty recalls his boyhood adventures on the Utah frontier, in the memoir Chasing Good Sense.

Chauncey Millard traded his dead body for a bag of candy, and the Hutchings Museum in Lehi has the evidence.

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